Minor update to pagebar plugin (v2.65)

The last update to the pagebar plugin has been made over a year ago. Since all new ideas will be included in version 3 and the plugin was working fine with every new update of WordPress there was no need for an update.

The other day Borisa Djuraskovic of “Webhosting Hub” wrote me an email that he has created a Serbian language file. This was a good opportunity to introduce a small feature that was spinning in my head for some time:

One of pagebar‘s feature is the automagic insertion, which works great for most themes. Nevertheless you still had to insert the CSS code into the style.css file or to copy the pagebar.css into the theme’s directory. For inexperienced users this was quite an obstacle.
So I made the decision that in the twenty-[ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen] themes a default pagebar styling will be used:

Twenty-Ten 2010
Twenty-Eleven 2011
Twenty-Twelve 2012
Twenty-Thirteen 2013

There is no option to disable this feature. I you’re using a twenty-something theme you will always have this design. I refrained from adding a new option because I don’t want to introduce a new string and break the current language files (Nacin would say “Decisions, not options”). Since I’m an option junky will be an option to disable this behaviour in v3 🙂

(If you’re a theme developer and want automagic styling of pagebar in your themes send me a mail containing the necessary css file and slug name.)

There are some fixes in the release, too:

  • tab code in settings pages
  • remove standard navigation in twenty-eleven
  • detection of main loop

Thanks again to Borisa Djuraskovic for the Serbian language file.

As always I hope this update won’t break anything.


2 responses to “Minor update to pagebar plugin (v2.65)”

  1. Hi,

    just to inform that I’m getting a warning in the last version of PHP 7 about the constructor and the name of the class.

    I’ve fixed with just renaming both:

    if (!class_exists(‘PagebarOptions2’)) {
    class PagebarOptions2 {

    $pagebaroptions = new PagebarOptions2;

    Not sure how to update the version on SVN repo, so… feel free to ping me to do the pull request 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the late reply, this blog is currntly on hiatus. I’m coding not much WordPress anymore.

      I didn’t thought anybody is still using the plugin since WordPress provides page navigation by itslef. I will update the plugin after Christmas.

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