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  • Minor update to pagebar plugin (v2.65)

    The last update to the pagebar plugin has been made over a year ago. Since all new ideas will be included in version 3 and the plugin was working fine with every new update of WordPress there was no need for an update. The other day Borisa Djuraskovic of

  • New ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 2: Customization by Drag’n Drop

    New ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 2: Customization by Drag’n Drop

    Though pagebar is quite customizable you can’t define the overall look. “Previous page” is always on the most left, followed by “First” and so on but maybe you want the elements in a different order. I’m not aware that any of the paging plugins provide this feature, pagebar hopefully will do so in the next…

  • Updated pagebar v2.58

    Some days I was happy that pagebar v2.57 does seem to work with the new WordPress v3.0 flawlessly but I laughed too soon. Mark (no link given) pointed out that custom taxonomies are disrupted when using pagebar v2.57. The reason was some code I borrows from the “Multi Page Toolkit“: add_action(‘init’, ‘pb_allpage_permalink’, -1); function pb_allpage_permalink()…

  • pagebar v2.55

    Fixed: function name collision with YARPP. Fixed: $_POST parameter collision with FireStat. Added: contextual help Download: pagebar v2.55 (ZIP) pagebar v2.55 (RAR)