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  • We need a LoDash for WordPress

    We need a LoDash for WordPress

    For those who don’t know: LoDash is a utility library for JavaScript that contains functions that make common tasks easier. You could write them yourself, but LoDash functions are optimised and well tested, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The problem WordPress is a bit like a programming language. You have a set…

  • Using JavaScript modules in your WordPress plugins

    Using JavaScript modules in your WordPress plugins

    Modules are nothing new in JavaScript programming, and it’s a good practice to modularize your code. WordPress does not offer the option to load scripts as modules out of the box. There’s a ticket from mid 2022, but it hasn’t gained much traction yet. So we need a workaround for the time being. Fortunately, WordPress…

  • Download previous versions of WordPress plugins

    There’s a simple way to get hold of previous versions of your WordPress plugins, for example if a current version breaks your setup.

  • WordPress: New Version 0.5 of LinkList plugin

    For a long time there was no update of my Linklist plugin because it simply worked, no need for a change. The other day I got a request to expand the functionality and I agreed to the proposal. Version 0.5 now contains the option to include/exclude individual posts or pages from displaying the linklist: The…

  • WordPress – You’ve got updates!

    On March, 11th an update of the popular plugin “WordPress SEO” was published because the previous version contains serious security vulnerabilities (CSRF and blind SQL injection). During the day some people noted that Yoast didn’t use all possible channels to call attention to the situation. I personally couldn’t understand the problem because I already had…

  • New version of Linklist (v0.4) WordPress plugin

    A user of my WordPress plugin Linklist wanted to use it in conjunction with a Like/Unlike plugin. Unfortunately Linklist also listed the like/unlike links of the plugin and put the list behind the Like icon: This is not the way it’s supposed to be. So I added two more options: You can define several class…

  • Minor update to pagebar plugin (v2.65)

    The last update to the pagebar plugin has been made over a year ago. Since all new ideas will be included in version 3 and the plugin was working fine with every new update of WordPress there was no need for an update. The other day Borisa Djuraskovic of

  • New ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 2: Customization by Drag’n Drop

    New ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 2: Customization by Drag’n Drop

    Though pagebar is quite customizable you can’t define the overall look. “Previous page” is always on the most left, followed by “First” and so on but maybe you want the elements in a different order. I’m not aware that any of the paging plugins provide this feature, pagebar hopefully will do so in the next…

  • Ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 1: Direct page access

    Ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 1: Direct page access

    It’s time to think about version 3 of pagebar. In this series I try to explain what I am planning for this new major version and invite you to discuss my plans. Part 1: Direct page access I always wanted to add a fast and direct page selection. The easiest way would be to add…

  • Why you should use pagebar for your blog

    You may ask yourself “Why should I use pagebar, the newer versions of the WordPress default themes already contain page navigation.” Here an example that may convince you that pagebar is the better choice.