It’s a real Casio!

IMG_2153-1Watches do have a a common problem: the good one’s are quite expensive and you don’t want to scratch them during daily handicrafts. The cheap one’s are kaputt after such a short time that buying them isn’t worth it.

This week a big German chain store offered a Casio F91-W for 9,99€. I couldn’t say no to this offer. This type of watch exists since 1991 and that cannot be a coincidence. If the watch is operable for on year I am happy but I hope that it will last longer. Let’s see what happens…


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  1. Godfrey Avatar

    Yeah!!!! This watch is awesome!!! I bought the same one at Sports Authority here in the States. I think either $10 or $15? Can’t remember. In my opinion, definitely worth the money though! I completely satisfied everything I was looking for: a durable, reliable, practical, and yet good looking watch. To top it off, all at a great price. This is a classic.

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