WordPress: Shorten title

A frequently asked question in WordPress forum is how to shorten the title of a post to a predefined number of characters and to append a “…”.

The problem is solved with a few lines of code:

The variable $chars has to be set to the number of characters you want to have in your title and in line 6 you have to define the text to replace the omitted part of the title (… is the typographically correct version of three points, called ellipse).

It’s a bit disadvantageous that the title could be cut in the middle of a word. If you like you can extend the function accordingly:

If you copy the function into the file functions.php of your theme all calls of the_title will return the shortened title.

2 thoughts on “WordPress: Shorten title”

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  2. Great piece of code. Very hard to find though. I have added “How To Automatically Shorten/Truncate WordPress Post Titles Using The Functions.php File” to the comments to make it easier to find.

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