WordPress: Disable plugin table paging

Since WordPress 3.0 the plugin table is paginated by default, 20 entries at a time. In my mind this is totally useless since it means that I have to click through my plugins instead of simply scrolling through them with the mouse wheel. But there’s a more or less “hidden” option to display all plugins at once.

Most people miss the “Screen Options” button on top of the page but behind are useful options to modify the way WordPress is displaying stuff. On the plugins page it opens the following form:

As you see you can change the number of plugins to be displayed on a single page. Setting it to “999” should be sufficient for even the weirdest plugin lover.


2 responses to “WordPress: Disable plugin table paging”

  1. I’ve always been bugged by that WordPress “feature” but didn’t know it was so easy to fix. Thanks!

  2. Perfect! I did’nt see this option before! Really useful, thanks a lot!

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