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  • How-to split a number into equal chunks

    How-to split a number into equal chunks

    The other day I had to iterate over a large number of items but to avoid a timeout I could only compute a certain amount at a time. So I had to split the number into equal chunks and a remainder. Here’s an easy way to determine the chunk size: The code return the following…

  • WordPress: Publishing posts in the past

    There may be situations where you want to publish a post with a date in the past. On first sight WordPress does not have such a function. If you look closer you find on the page “Add new post” in the metabox “Publish” the following entry: If you click on Edit a field appears in…

  • Remove “by author” post section from Genesis themes

    As I already wrote in How-to remove the author from your Twenty-Ten posts most blogs do not need the section “by author” since there is only one author. By default most Genesis themes contain this section (e.g. the prose theme): Let’s see how-to remove the author’s name from the post info.