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  • Minor update to pagebar plugin (v2.65)

    The last update to the pagebar plugin has been made over a year ago. Since all new ideas will be included in version 3 and the plugin was working fine with every new update of WordPress there was no need for an update. The other day Borisa Djuraskovic of

  • Ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 1: Direct page access

    Ideas for pagebar v3 – Part 1: Direct page access

    It’s time to think about version 3 of pagebar. In this series I try to explain what I am planning for this new major version and invite you to discuss my plans. Part 1: Direct page access I always wanted to add a fast and direct page selection. The easiest way would be to add…

  • Updated pagebar v2.58

    Some days I was happy that pagebar v2.57 does seem to work with the new WordPress v3.0 flawlessly but I laughed too soon. Mark (no link given) pointed out that custom taxonomies are disrupted when using pagebar v2.57. The reason was some code I borrows from the “Multi Page Toolkit“: add_action(‘init’, ‘pb_allpage_permalink’, -1); function pb_allpage_permalink()…