Remove “by author” post section from Genesis themes

As I already wrote in How-to remove the author from your Twenty-Ten posts most blogs do not need the section “by author” since there is only one author.
By default most Genesis themes contain this section (e.g. the prose theme):

Let’s see how-to remove the author’s name from the post info.

The post info is produced by this function:

function genesis_post_info() {
  global $post;

  if ( is_page( $post->ID ) )
    return; // don't do post-info on pages

  $post_info = '[post_date] ' . __('By', 'genesis') . 
               ' [post_author_posts_link] [post_comments] [post_edit]';

  printf( '', apply_filters('genesis_post_info',
          $post_info) );

As you see the function calls a filter for the string $post_info which contains the shortcodes for the post info. So it’s easy to define a function which removes the “__('By', 'genesis') . ' [[post_author_posts_link]]” code:

add_filter('genesis_post_info', 'my_post_info');
function my_post_info() {
	$post_info = '[post_date] [post_comments] [post_edit]';
  return $post_info;

If you put the code in the functions.php of your Genesis child theme the output looks something like this:

This is all you need if you’re your blog’s only author.


10 responses to “Remove “by author” post section from Genesis themes”

  1. Great post, Latz. I’ve been looking for this tips for quite some time.

    Another question: I want to insert image navigation (Previous Image/Next Image) in my gallery attachment page, but I can’t find out how. Can you help me with this?

    this is the link:

  2. Thanks for this post… It is really helpful….

  3. Perfect… code worked like a charm and just what I needed for a client’s site I’m working on…

    Linda =}

  4. Hey Latz

    Thanks for this tips, worked great, and was able to hide the post author in mysite. But I have a question, that you probably can answer (I hope).

    If I hide the author name with this code, will be the authorship hidden too?

    Sorry, I am a newbie of wp



  5. Thanks for the advice.But not only the author name but i would like to remove the date,comments also.Please help me to remove this from the genesis theme.Thanks once again.

  6. Thanks! Works good but I would also like to find a way to add something after author’s name. Any idea how?

  7. Great…so simple. Really no need for a lot of the plugins out there when all it takes is a little coding…thanks Latz, works like a charm!

  8. 🙁 didn’t work for me. I added the code to function.php, saved and refreshed the post. Nothing.
    Help? Please?
    in case you ask, I am using Genesis Sample theme.

    1. OK, found this one. Works smoothly!

      Install Simple Edit Plugin, Go to Dashboard > Genesis Settings > Simple Edits > Post Info box, remove from ” By [post_author_posts_links] “

      1. Thank you for your comments, Doobie. I’m not using the Genesis framework anymore, so I’m a bit behind its current state. Seems they have added this option since I wrote the post.
        Others will surely find your finding helpful.

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