Supperfood – Not so tasty after all

This month’s surprise box from Degustabox contained two bottles of “Superfood” by the Austrian company Friya. With basil seeds. OK, nowadays basil seems to be a superfood, too.
The stuff isn’t too tasty after all. The basil seeds are covered with a slimy substance. The whole thing looks like frog spawn.


The drink is quite alright but the frog spawn (the basil seeds) is quite disgusting. I really don’t need to have it a second time. I have another bottle containing Chia seeds but I’m not sure about it…

It’s a real Casio!

IMG_2153-1Watches do have a a common problem: the good one’s are quite expensive and you don’t want to scratch them during daily handicrafts. The cheap one’s are kaputt after such a short time that buying them isn’t worth it.

This week a big German chain store offered a Casio F91-W for 9,99€. I couldn’t say no to this offer. This type of watch exists since 1991 and that cannot be a coincidence. If the watch is operable for on year I am happy but I hope that it will last longer. Let’s see what happens…