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Pushing the Newsblur new stories limit (if you’re self-hosting)

Newsblur is my RSS reader of choice. Nevertheless, it has a limitation that bothered me right from the start.

For reasons not known to me, there’s a limit of 200 items per feed. That’s a bit frustrating because high traffic sites like HackerNews easily have more than 200 items a day. Newsblur’s websites stats that “high traffic sites” limit should be push to 500 items, but on my installation it never did, and I have it running for quite some time.

If you’re self-hosting NewsBlur you are on the lucky side. Go to newsblur_web and edit the file You’ll find an entry OVERRIDE_STORY_COUNT_MAX. Enter the number of items you would like to have. Et voilà, no more vanishes stories!

Edit (19. October 2023): This pushes the limit to 500. There hast to a limitation somewhere else.