Botany Bay: Old Men with Ballpoint Pens

Botany Bay made a nice music clip about surveillance. You may not know the people in the clip (German politicians) but that does not matter at all.

Old Men With Ballpoint Pens

They know it is the worst thing
Not being in control
So they bring in all the big guns
To ease their troubled souls
You can see them in the tabloids
Where they smile their empty smiles
Selling tales of lawless chaos
And lies upon lies
They waste no time, they’re on the way
They’re quick to bend the laws
To abuse the ones who suffered
For their twisted cause

Old men with ballpoint pens
Old men with ballpoint pens
Old men with ballpoint pens
Old men with ballpoint pens

They know what you’ve been doing
They know where you have been
They read the words, both yours and mine
They’ve seen what you have seen
They’re here to protect you
All for the common good
Don’t you dare to get in their way
They just know what’s good for you
And if you’re feeling watched
And if you’re full of fear
Remember that, remember how
It was you who brought them here

Old men with ballpoint pens…


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