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  • Firefox Addon: Add options menu to addon icon

    Especially during development it’s annoying to reach the option page of a Firefox addon: Hamburger Addons and Themes … Options There should be a faster way. At least for your own Add-ons you can quite easily add an “Options” menu item to the browser action: Additionally to have to add a new permission to the…

  • Hide the password hiding stars

    As far as I can remember web browsers replace the characters of a password field with stars (did Mosaic already do this?) but this feature is not always helpful. Fortunately you can change this!

  • My favorite Greasemonkey-Script

    Greasemonkey is a fine Firefox-Addon that allows you to execute some Javascript on the page to change the content or do other stuff to enhance the experience. My all-time favorite is Jasper’s Google Reader subscribe. What does it do? Every blog, almost every news site, and many other web sites provide RSS feeds. They are…